Web Development

01. Task

The main goal was to create a website that would provide information about the author himself, his work and allow visitors to purchase his books. The objectives of the project included not only creating a web space to promote the author’s personal brand, but also providing convenience to visitors when choosing and purchasing books.

02. Execution steps

1. Research and planning

  • Understanding the needs: A meeting was held with the author to identify his goals and desires regarding the site. Target audiences and their needs are identified.
  • Competitor analysis: Researched websites of other authors and book resources to identify best practices and possible sources of inspiration.
  • Structure planning: The structure of the site has been developed taking into account the main sections: home page, “About the author” page, book pages, contact information, etc.

2. Design

  • Design Selection: A basic WordPress theme has been selected that matches the author’s personal style and creative image. Created layouts for the home page, About the Author page, and book pages for author approval.

3. Content creation

  • Selection and creation of images: Photos of the author, book covers, illustrations and screenshots for book texts were selected and processed.
  • Writing texts: Brief biographical information about the author for the main page and a detailed description of his work for the “About the Author” page have been developed. Book descriptions, reviews, quotes for book pages have been prepared.

4. Posting content

  • Content integration: Added texts and images to the corresponding pages of the site. Navigation has been configured for easy access to sections of the site.

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • SEO-optimization: Meta tags, headings and texts on the site pages were optimized to increase its visibility in search engines.

6. Testing and launch

  • Testing: The functionality of the site was tested on various devices and in different browsers.
  • Website launch: After successful completion of testing, the site is launched and available for visiting.

03. Expected result and actual

The created site provides visitors with complete information about the author, his work and books. Users can easily find the information they need, read reviews, read quotes, and purchase books.

After the launch of the site, the author received a new platform to promote his brand and his work, which contributed to an increase in the number of his readers and book sales.


Frequently asked questions about a personal WordPress website for an author and his books

Why do you need a personal website for the author and his books?

A personal website provides a unique opportunity for an author to promote their books, connect with readers, and present their personality and creative image. This is an effective tool for creating a personal brand and increasing book sales.

What main sections does the author’s personal website contain?

The main personal website for the author contains the following sections:

  • Home page: Provides brief information about the author and his latest works, as well as the ability to quickly access other sections of the site.
  • "About the author" page: Contains more detailed information about the life and work of the author, his biography, achievements, interviews and other materials.
  • Book pages: Provide information about each author's book, including a plot description, reader reviews, quotes from the book, and the opportunity to purchase the book.
  • Contact Information: Contains a feedback form, author's contact information, as well as links to social networks.
What design does a personal website for the author have?

The design of a personal website for the author should be attractive, match his creative style and help create a unique image. Typically, soft colors, creative fonts, and high-quality images are used to create an atmosphere that matches the theme and style of the author's books.

What are the benefits of having a personal website for the author and his books?

A personal website for the author and his books provides the following advantages:

  • Increased visibility and recognition of the author.
  • Direct access for readers to information about books and the possibility of purchasing them.
  • The ability to establish personal contact with readers through the feedback form and social networks.
  • Creating a unique image of the author and strengthening his position in the book market.
What additional materials can be presented on the author’s personal website?

The author’s personal website presents a wide range of additional materials that enrich the experience of visitors and allow them to immerse themselves deeper into the world of the author’s work:

  • Articles and blog: The articles and blog section provides an opportunity for the author to share his thoughts, inspiration, and discuss topics related to creativity and life in general. This helps you connect more closely with your readers and share your experiences.
  • Video and audio materials: The site may feature video interviews with the author, audio books, documentaries about his work, as well as audio recordings of the author’s readings and interesting conversations. This allows the audience to have a more complete picture of the author’s creative personality.

Photos and art: The photo section may include photographs from events, author's photographs, photographs of places that inspired the creation of works. In addition, art works and illustrations for books can be presented as additional material, allowing visitors to immerse themselves deeper into the world of the author's works.

What are the features of placing an order on a personal website?

Placing an order on a personal website for purchasing books by an author usually proceeds as follows, ensuring maximum comfort and convenience for visitors:

  • Selecting a book and adding to cart: The visitor selects the book he is interested in on the book page and adds it to the cart, where he can indicate the number of copies.
  • Placing an order: The visitor then proceeds to checkout, where he enters his contact information and delivery address. There may also be a field for comments or additional requests.
  • Selecting a payment method: After filling out the order details, the visitor selects a convenient payment method. This can be payment by credit card, electronic money, bank transfer or other available methods.

Order and payment confirmation: After successful ordering and payment, the visitor is shown an order confirmation, as well as information about the delivery method and waiting times. In addition, notifications can be sent to the visitor by email or mobile phone with order confirmation and payment details.

How is the content maintained and updated on the author’s personal website?

Maintaining and updating content on an author's personal website are important aspects to maintaining relevance and attracting an audience. The following steps are involved in this process:

  • Regular blog updates: The author or his team regularly publishes new articles, news, event announcements and other materials to maintain reader interest and improve the site's SEO.
  • Book information update: As new books or reprints are released, the catalog page is updated, new descriptions, reviews and testimonials are added.
  • Adding multimedia content: Videos, audiobooks, photographs and other multimedia materials are constantly updated and added to the site to enrich the user experience.
  • Feedback and interaction: Replying to comments, questions via the feedback form, and updating contact information helps maintain active engagement with your audience.
  • Technical support and system updates: Regular updates of the content management system (CMS), plugins and themes to ensure the security and stable operation of the site. Technical support also deals with solving problems and improving the functionality of the site.

These measures ensure that the author's site remains relevant, functional and interesting to visitors, which contributes to audience growth and strengthens the author's brand.

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