Web Development

01. Task

The main task was to develop and create from scratch a bilingual mobile application website that should provide:

  1. Basic information about the product;
  2. Possibility to view the catalogue;
  3. Read reviews and real user stories;
  4. Find contact information;
  5. Download the application.

02.Execution steps

1. Research and planning

Step 1: Understanding the Requirements

  • Meeting with the customer: Clarification of all wishes and requirements for the site.
  • Competitor analysis: Assess competitor sites to understand best practices and determine what makes our site unique.

Step 2: Create an Action Plan

  • Defining the site structure: Main sections, required functions and content.
  • Platform selection: The decision to use WordPress as the main platform for website development.

2. Design

Step 3: Selecting and Approving a Basic WordPress Theme

  • Explore available topics: Search for themes that match the style and functionality required by the customer.
  • Topic approval: Selecting and agreeing on a theme with the customer.

Step 4: Redesign the theme in accordance with the company’s brand book

  • Theme adaptation: Customize and redesign the theme to match the company’s corporate identity.
  • Creating layouts: Development of detailed layouts of all website pages.

3. Content creation

Step 5: Writing lyrics

  • Creating text content: Developing texts that clearly and attractively describe the product and its benefits.
  • SEO-optimization: Optimizing texts to improve site visibility in search engines.

Step 6: Selecting and Rendering Images

  • Graphic content: Selection and creation of images that visually support text content and the overall style of the site.

4. Posting content

Step 7: Posting content on the site

  • Adding texts and images: Integration of all texts and images on the corresponding pages of the site.
  • Navigation setup: Make sure that site navigation is intuitive and user-friendly.

5. Bilingualism

Step 8: Create an additional Ukrainian version

  • Content translation: Translation of all texts into Ukrainian.
  • Language setting: Adding the ability to switch languages ​​on the site, ensuring the correct display of content in both languages.

6. Testing and launch

Step 9: Testing

  • Cross-browser testing: Checking the correct display of the site in all popular browsers.
  • Adaptability testing: Checking the site’s operation on various devices (desktops, tablets, smartphones).

Step 10: Launching the Site

  • Final checks: Conducting final checks and eliminating possible errors.
  • Marketing campaign: Announcing the launch of the website through social networks, newsletters and advertising.

03. Expected result and actual

Creating a website for a mobile application for a service for exchanging and renting things included the development of a bilingual interface, the presentation of complete information about the product, the creation of a catalog, reviews, contact information and the ability to download the application. All stages of the project were carried out taking into account the specifics of the service and the needs of the target audience, which made it possible to create a functional and attractive website that meets all the customer’s requirements.

You can learn more about all the features of the project directly on the service website


Frequently asked questions (FAQ) for the case “Creating a website for the mobile application of the service for exchanging and renting goods GoodZilla.

Why did you choose the bilingual website for the GoodZilla mobile application?

The bilingual nature of the site was a critical factor given GoodZilla's global ambitions and strategic development. The decision to be bilingual allows you to attract audiences from different countries and establish trust with foreign users, showing that the service is available in their language. This is important for creating an international image of the company and expanding its customer base.

How can users learn about the service and get acquainted with its functionality on the GoodZilla website?

The GoodZilla website provides the user with a full range of information about the service and its capabilities:

  • Basic Product Information: The main page contains a brief description of the service, its advantages and key features.
  • Catalog: The site presents an extensive catalog of items available for rent and exchange. Users can view products by category and filter them according to various parameters.
  • Reviews and real user stories: The Reviews page contains real user stories, experiences, and recommendations to help new users understand how the service can benefit them.
  • Contact Information: The Contact Us page provides information for contacting the GoodZilla team, including email address, phone number, and contact form.
  • Download the application: Ready-to-use buttons for downloading a mobile application on various platforms are located in prominent places on the site.
What stages of the “GoodZilla” project did the ProGamma team go through?

The ProGamma team carried out careful work on each stage of the implementation of the "GoodZilla" project:

  • Research and planning: The team analyzed customer needs, researched the market and held meetings with the customer to identify key requirements for the site.
  • Design: The designers created an aesthetic and functional visual appearance of the site that matches the GoodZilla brand and provides ease of use.
  • Content Creation: Copywriters have developed unique content for the site that informs users about the service and its benefits, and also stimulates action.
  • Content posting: Web developers professionally integrated text and graphic elements into the site, ensuring a logical structure and ease of navigation.
  • Bilingualism: Localization specialists provided translation of texts and adaptation of content for the Ukrainian language so that the site was available in both languages.
  • Testing and launch: The team conducted extensive testing of the site on multiple devices and browsers to ensure it worked flawlessly before launch.
How is the GoodZilla website bilingual?

To make the GoodZilla website bilingual, the following measures were taken:

  • Content translation: All texts, including navigation menus, product and section descriptions, have been translated into Ukrainian to ensure full understanding of the information in both languages.
  • Setting the language switch: A functionality has been added that allows users to select the site language. This allows users to switch between Ukrainian and Russian depending on their preferences.

Design adaptation: The site design has been adapted for the Ukrainian language, including text layout, typography and color scheme, to ensure a consistent and high-quality user experience regardless of the chosen language.

What measures have been taken to ensure the security and protection of user data on the GoodZilla website?

The ProGamma team has taken a number of measures to ensure the security and protection of user data on the GoodZilla website:

  • Data encryption: All transmitted information between the user and the server is protected by the SSL encryption protocol, which ensures data confidentiality.
  • Protection against hacking and attacks: Measures have been taken to protect the site from malicious attacks and hacks, such as regularly updating software, installing firewalls and intrusion detection systems.
  • Access control: Access to sensitive user data is limited and controlled to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Compliance with data protection laws: GoodZilla complies with all applicable laws and regulations regarding the protection of user data, including the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), to ensure user rights and privacy.
How can users contact the GoodZilla support team?

Users can contact the GoodZilla support team in the following ways:

  • Feedback form: A feedback form is available on the contact page through which users can send their questions, suggestions or complaints.
  • Email: For prompt communication with the support team, an email is provided to which you can send a letter with a question or request.
  • Telephone: Also on the contacts page there is a contact phone number where you can contact company representatives for help or advice.
  • Social media: The support team is active on social networks, where users can ask their questions and receive prompt answers through instant messengers or comments.
What additional features are planned for the future for the GoodZilla site?

In the future, it is planned to introduce the following additional functions to the GoodZilla website:

  • Expansion of the catalog of goods and services: Constantly updating the range of goods and services with the addition of new categories and rental items.
  • Users' personal account: Implementation of personal account functionality for registered users with the ability to manage orders, exchange messages and rate products.
  • Online calculator: Creation of a tool for calculating the cost of renting or exchanging things, which will help users quickly estimate the cost of services.
  • Blog with useful articles: Development of a blog with useful articles and tips on using the service, as well as news from the world of exchanging and renting things.
  • Interactive tools: Introduction of interactive tools to facilitate the process of searching for products and managing orders.

These additions will help improve the user experience, expand the functionality of the service and satisfy user needs even more fully.

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