Web Development

01. Task

The main task was to develop and create a website for presenting the company’s services with the ability to order goods. However, the project contained a number of unique requirements:

  • Presentation of services and ordering of goods: WooCommerce plugin: The WooCommerce plugin was installed and configured to create an online store. The catalog structure was developed, products with detailed descriptions and photographs were added.
  • Separate color design for a specific category of pages: Unique Header and Footer: A separate color design was created for one of the page categories to make this section stand out from the rest. As part of this solution, a unique header and footer were developed and integrated.
  • Booking gazebos: Booking Package plugin: The Booking Package plugin has been installed and configured, allowing users to select available dates and book one of 10+ gazebos in the center.

02. Stages of implementation

1. Research and planning

  • Purpose of the site: Attracting visitors to the center, informing about services, online sales of goods and booking gazebos.
  • The target audience: Nature lovers, couples, groups of friends, age 25-60 years.

2. Design

Step 1: Prototyping

  • Wireframes: Development of black and white diagrams for all main pages of the site, including the store and gazebo booking pages.
  • User Flow: Defining user paths to simplify navigation and interaction with the site.

Step 2: Visual Design

  • Mood board: Selection of color schemes and styles that reflect the atmosphere of the garden center.
  • Mockups: Create detailed layouts of all pages, including unique layouts for a specially designed section.

3. Development

Step 3: Frontend Development

  • Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript.
  • Adaptive design: Ensuring correct display on all devices (desktops, tablets, smartphones).
  • Development of unique elements: Creation and integration of unique header and footer for a specific section of the site.

Step 4: WooCommerce Integration

  • Plugin setup: Installing and configuring the WooCommerce plugin.
  • Catalog: Developing a catalog structure, adding products with detailed descriptions and photographs.
  • Purchasing process: Setting up the order process, cart and payment.

Step 6: Booking Package Integration

  • Plugin setup: Installation and configuration of the Booking Package plugin.
  • Booking gazebos: Implementation of a date and time selection system for booking one of 10+ gazebos.

03. Expected result and actual result

Creating a website for the Sakura gardening center included unique tasks, such as integrating WooCommerce for product sales, installing and configuring a plugin for booking gazebos, and creating separate designs for various sections of the site. All stages of the project were carried out taking into account the specifics of the company and the needs of the target audience, which made it possible to create a functional and attractive website that meets all the customer’s requirements.

You can learn more about all the features of the project directly on the website


Frequently asked questions about the development of a website for the Sakura garden and park center

Why was the website developed on the WordPress platform?

WordPress was chosen as the main platform for the development of the Sakura Garden and Park Center website because of its popularity, flexibility, and ease of use. WordPress has a large community of developers and has many available plugins and themes that allow you to quickly and efficiently implement various functional requirements of the project.

What features of the Sakura website development make it unique?

Сайт "Сакура" має кілька унікальних особливостей, які роблять його привабливим для відвідувачів:

  • Інтеграція інтернет-магазину із системою бронювання альтанок, що надає користувачам можливість не лише придбати товари, а й забронювати місце для відпочинку.
  • Створення окремого колірного дизайну для певних розділів сайту, що дозволяє виділити ключові розділи та надати сайту унікального стилю.
  • Зручна навігація та інтуїтивно зрозумілий інтерфейс спроектовані з урахуванням потреб цільової аудиторії, що забезпечує зручність взаємодії з сайтом.
How can users order products on the Sakura website?

The process of ordering goods on the Sakura website includes several steps:

  1. The visitor goes to the online store page.
  2. He selects the required product from the catalog after reading its description and images.
  3. After selecting a product, the user adds it to the cart.
  4. Next, the user goes to the cart, where he can change the quantity of goods or delete unnecessary items.
  5. After checking the contents of the cart, the user proceeds to checkout, where he indicates his contact information and delivery address.
  6. Finally, the order is paid using a user-friendly payment method.
How do you book gazebos on the Sakura website?

The process of booking gazebos on the Sakura website includes the following steps:

  1. The user is taken to a page with information about gazebos and available dates.
  2. He selects a suitable date and time for booking.
  3. After selecting a date and time, the user fills out the booking form, indicating their contact information.
  4. Depending on the rules of the center, the user can immediately pay for the reservation or leave a request for confirmation.
  5. Upon successful completion of the booking, the user receives a confirmation notification to the contact address they provide.
What measures have been taken to ensure the security and protection of user data on the Sakura website?

To ensure the security and protection of user data on the Sakura website, the following measures have been taken:

  • Implementation of SSL encryption, ensuring secure data transfer between server and client.
  • Regular updates to the WordPress platform and all installed plugins to prevent vulnerabilities and ensure security.
  • Use of secure methods for storing and processing users’ personal data in accordance with the legislation on the protection of personal data.
Is it possible to contact the administration of the Sakura gardening center through the website?

Yes, the Sakura website provides several ways to contact the administration:

  • Users can fill out a special feedback form on the Contacts page, indicating their name, email and message text.
  • The website also contains contact numbers and the address of the center’s office for direct communication with employees
What future additions are planned for the Sakura site?

In the future, it is planned to implement the following functional additions to the Sakura website:

  • Blog section with useful articles about gardening, organizing events and interesting ideas for relaxation.
  • Implementation of personal account functionality for registered users with the ability to track order history
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