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01. Transfer results

After successfully migrating the site to OkayCMS, the following improvements were achieved:

  • Improved page loading speed, which reduced user waiting time and increased customer satisfaction.
  • Productivity increase website thanks to code optimization and reducing the number of plugins.
  • Improving user experience by optimizing the design and simplifying navigation, which contributed to an increase in the number of conversions.
  • Integration with local payment and delivery systems for customer convenience and optimization of the purchasing process.

02. Transfer stages

The process of migrating the site from WordPress to OkayCMS included the following steps:

  1. Installing OkayCMS: Quick and easy installation of a new platform.
  2. Transfer of products and categories: Transfer all products and categories using import/export functions.
  3. Design adaptation: Transfer site design, including logo, colors and banners, using OkayCMS tools.
  4. Transferring SEO Elements: Setting up all the necessary SEO elements using built-in OkayCMS tools. 301 redirects from old URLs to new ones.
  5. Integration with payment and delivery systems: connecting modules for integration with local payment and delivery systems.
  6. Testing and optimization: checking the functionality of the site and optimizing it to improve performance and user experience.

03. Benefits of choosing OkayCMS

OkayCMS was chosen to migrate for several key reasons:

  1. Specialization in online stores, allowing for easier management and optimized integration with local systems.
  2. High performance and fast page loading, which is especially important for an online store with a large number of products.
  3. Availability of built-in tools for SEO optimization, which helped maintain and improve the site’s visibility in search engines.
  4. Easy integration with payment and delivery systems, which simplified the ordering process and increased customer satisfaction.

04. Expected result and actual

Migrating the site from WordPress to OkayCMS improved its performance, functionality and user experience. By choosing OkayCMS, site owners can now effectively manage their online store, integrate with local systems, and increase their competitiveness in the electric winch market.


Frequently asked questions for the case study of transferring online store from WordPress to OkayCMS site electric winches

Why OkayCMS is better foronline storethan WordPress?

OkayCMS specializes in online stores, making it an ideal choice for e-commerce-focused sites like your site that sells electric winches. Unlike WordPress, OkayCMS offers built-in tools and functionality specifically designed for efficient online store management, saving time and resources on customization.

What support is available for OkayCMS sites?

OkayCMS offers professional technical support to its users. This includes prompt responses to technical queries, assistance in solving problems and advice on website optimization. Additionally, OkayCMS regularly releases updates and patches to ensure the security and functionality of your site.

What are the SEO benefits of OkayCMS?

One of the key advantages of OkayCMS is its built-in SEO optimization. The platform offers extensive options for customizing metadata, optimizing images, creating friendly URLs, and other aspects that will help your site rank well in search engines. Thanks to the optimized architecture and functionality of OkayCMS, you can easily achieve high rankings in search results and attract more targeted traffic.

How does the integration process with other systems and services go?

Integration with other systems and services in OkayCMS is carried out by connecting ready-made modules and extensions. This greatly simplifies the process and allows you to quickly integrate payment systems, warehouse management systems, delivery methods and other services necessary for your business. In addition, the OkayCMS development team is ready to help with setting up and integrating the necessary solutions so that your website can effectively interact with external systems.

How is the security of sites on OkayCMS ensured?

The security of your website on OkayCMS is ensured using modern data encryption methods, anti-hacking mechanisms and regular security updates. OkayCMS actively monitors vulnerabilities and responds to new threats, releasing timely patches and updates to ensure the security of your site. In addition, you can also take advantage of additional security tools provided by third-party services and extensions that integrate with OkayCMS.

What are the development prospects for OkayCMS in the future?

OkayCMS is constantly developing and improving in accordance with modern web development trends and market requirements. The development team is constantly working to add new features, improve performance and optimize the user experience. Through regular updates and innovations, OkayCMS strives to remain at the forefront of the market and provide its users with the best tools for creating and managing online stores. By choosing OkayCMS, you get a guarantee that your website will always be one step ahead and meet the latest requirements and web development standards.

What support is provided to OkayCMS users?

OkayCMS provides extensive and qualified support to users at all stages of working with the platform. You will always have the opportunity to get help and advice from experienced specialists on setting up, installing, optimizing and developing your website. The support team is ready to promptly resolve any problems that arise and help resolve technical issues. Thanks to the high level of professionalism and responsiveness of the support staff, you can be confident in the reliability and stability of your online store on the OkayCMS platform.

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